How to Sell a Business

This book is a complete and concise, yet systematic guide that takes readers through each step of selling a small to mid-sized business. We have taken the time to provide extensive lists of all the documents necessary, explaining in simple terms when to prepare and provide them, all with samples and links for much more information. We believe that with a little time and the right resources, tools and attitude, you can save a large amount of money in broker’s fees, all while successfully selling your business. After you’ve read this book, you’ll agree!

Chapter 1

Step One – Preparing Your Business for Sale

Chapter 1 starts with the important basics that normally stop business sellers in their tracks. We explain each topic in detail, such as preparing financials, setting an asking price, considering seller financing, and preparing key documents. The chapter ends with helpful tips and answers to common questions, so you’ll understand everything you need to prepare in order to sell your business. Read more...

Chapter 2

Step Two – Advertising

Chapter 2 gives you a clear idea of the best places to advertise with tips on how to write an ad copy that will sell your business quickly. It also has a sample of an effective advertisement and lists reasons why it got such a great response. The chapter wraps it all up with highly effective action items and priceless advice, so you’ll be able to make your business stand out from all the rest in the marketplace. Read more...

Chapter 3

Step Three – Prescreening Buyers

Chapter 3 takes you inside the mind of the buyer, so you understand exactly what they want and what they don’t. After reading this chapter, you’ll know exactly how to respond to buyer inquiries. We even provide a sample response for you to follow. This chapter also tells you how much information to provide and when you should do this, explaining the all-important NDA. Read this chapter, so you can sell your business without making costly mistakes along the way. Read more...

Chapter 4

Step Four – The Showing

Meeting potential buyers is nerve-wracking; however, this chapter takes you through the process, giving priceless advice on how to present your business to buyers. Learn how to set up a meeting, show your business, and how much information you should provide to potential buyers. It also talks about the importance of due diligence, explaining it in details and sharing tips on what to do before and after a buyer makes an offer, so you’ll be ready for anything. Read more...

Chapter 5

Step Five – Negotiating an Offer

Sellers often panic when they get their first offer, but this chapter takes care of all that by taking you through the basic terms, types of offers and how to qualify the buyer. Like having a business-selling counselor constantly by your side, it also explains the common mistakes sellers make, as well as tips on how to keep your eye on the prize: a successful sale. Read more...

Chapter 6

Step Six – Due Diligence

This chapter is everything about due diligence, which is crucial to the successful sale of any business. Instead of being confused, you’ll understand exactly how to complete this important phase quickly and effectively, so you can close the deal. Due diligence doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated – and it won’t be once you’ve read this informative chapter. Read more...

Chapter 7

Step Seven – The Closing

This final chapter starts out with some sage advice on getting help with the closing in order to avoid making costly mistakes. Next is a list of important documents with helpful tips to prepare for a smooth and seamless sale. As is the case throughout the book, we provide relevant links to samples, more information and assistance. Read more...


The Complete Guide to Selling a Business

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