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Crowdfunding has been around for several years; however, its use by small businesses as a source of growth capital is becoming increasingly popular. Changes in securities laws since the passage of the JOBS Act have created a spike in interest among not only entrepreneurs, but also individual investors who seek to broaden their portfolios. What does this mean for you and other business owners who may be leaning toward nontraditional funding sources to grow their companies? We get the low-down from attorney Jennifer Post, partner at the LA-based law firm of Raines Feldman LLP, where she specializes in M&A and venture capital financing.

Health and fitness is just as important to our businesses as it is to our bodies, so why do so many business owners overestimate the financial health of their organizations? Is it possible that the numbers in your ledger may be hiding fiscal concerns that, if not addressed, could have a long-term negative impact on your company’s value? It may be time for a comprehensive assessment of your financials, but how do you start the process, and what should you look for?  Gabrielle Luoma, Chartered Global Management Accountant, CPA and owner of the firm GMLCPA LLC in Tucson, Arizona, will let us know.

Private equity may be seen by some as the evil step-child in the investment banking world, but the truth is, more and more businesses are turning to private equity as a means to help them expand their operations into other markets and grow their companies. The effect that this can have on the overall value of a company can be exponential. Today, it’s becoming commonplace for small businesses with as little as $1 million in annual revenue to benefit from the capital injection from aggressive PE firms. So what are investors most interested in, and what kinds of businesses are they attracted to? Find out when Jeff Allen visits with Phil Brennan, managing partner at Go Capital, on this edition of “Deal Talk.”

Billions of dollars are lost by companies every year as a result of fraud, and while fraud takes many forms, it often goes undetected until it is too late (when the dollars lost cannot be recovered). For some businesses, fraud can even pose a risk to their solvency and ongoing existence. Business owners can stop fraud in its early stages or even prevent it from occurring with the help of our special guest and fellow business owner Bob Bates, CFO and certified forensic accountant at HP Accounting Services. Mr. Bates shares a real-world case study as well as some tips to help you know where to look for fraud in your business and how to stop it.

Business valuations — or business appraisals — are an important part of a successful transaction of any M&A deal, but valuations are also important for a number of other non-transactional purposes. In this edition of “Deal Talk,” you’ll learn about the other business and personal uses for business valuations. If you have business partners, are involved in forming a new entity, are married with a family or have special considerations, this show will be of special interest to you. Join Jeff Allen as he speaks with professional business valuation consultant Trisch Garthoeffner, CVA and owner of Anchor Business Valuations & Financial Services LLC.

You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.  Have you taken a close look at your numbers? If you need to build the value of your business, where do you start?  Our guest on this segment of “Deal Talk” explains why a professional valuation (or appraisal) is critical to understanding your business’ current situation.  He also discusses the key value drivers for businesses that are looking to improve more than just top line growth. Mr. Marcus Sullivan is a Certified Valuation Analyst and Founder of Sullivan Consulting and he offers a fresh perspective gleaned from working with a range of respected global clients.  

Properly written buy-sell agreements are essential to the smooth transaction of any deal involving mergers and acquisitions. So why are most written so poorly, if at all? If the agreement in any way favors one party over the other, is based on an unreliable calculation method or excludes any pertinent information, the seller can find themselves in court. So how do you avoid litigation? What steps should you take to ensure that your buy-sell agreement is as iron-clad as possible? Those are just some of the questions we ask Michael Blake, CFA and director of Valuation Services at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne LLP in Atlanta, on this edition of “Deal Talk.”

You might be surprised to find out how many business owners don’t consider the need for a professional business valuation, or appraisal, prior to listing their business for sale.  But what if you are approached by someone who wants to buy your business and makes you an offer?  Why do you need an appraisal at that point if though you’re inclined to accept the offer?  The truth is you could be leaving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on the table without undergoing a professional business appraisal.  Peter Agrapides, founder of Filotimo Capital Consultants, returns to talk about why an appraisal from a professional valuation consultant prior to selling your business is very important.

We all want to get the most for our companies in an acquisition, whether in an asset sale or a stock sale. The idea of getting premium value for our business is what many of us have in mind. But what exactly is “premium” value, and how do we achieve it? A good place to start is with a professional business valuation to see where things currently stand. But then what? Our guest on this segment has some thoughts that may help you work toward elevating your company’s value. Join us as we welcome corporate financial consultant Angela Sadang, director in the Financial Advisory Services Group at Marks Paneth LLP in New York.

You should always consult a professional appraiser for a business valuation when you are selling your company, but that’s not the only time you should have your business appraised, according to Michael Gould, director of Litigation Support and Valuation Services at RotenbergMeril. Mr. Gould discusses some of the other common reasons you should seek the services of a valuation consultant, some of which you may have never considered. Failure to do so could mean reduced value for your business and leaving a lot of your hard-earned money on the table. This is another don’t-miss “Deal Talk” episode!


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