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There are many different types of business valuations and some are more comprehensive than others. Business appraisers also have different methods for calculating value.  Why is this important to business owners?  Moreover, why is it important for business owners to understand what types of events and activities can have an effect (often times a negative effect) on the numbers?  Business valuations are important and the type you need depends on a number of factors.  Jeff Allen talks with Mr. C. Fred Hall, Certified Valuation Analyst and CEO of Affordable Business Valuations, to answer some of the most important questions appraisers are asked by business owners every day.

The amount of money you spend paying a contractor to perform small repairs, improvements or major construction-related projects could be small compared to potentially greater costs resulting from a dispute with the prime contractor or any of the subcontractors they hire. Stricter laws and regulations offer some protection against unlicensed contractors; however, if you are like many small business owners, you may not know what questions to ask or what resources are available to you to help you screen contractors during the bidding process. To help us understand what we can do to avoid the risks associated with working with contractors, we are happy to be joined once again by attorney Virginia Suveiu, specializing in commercial and contract law and developer of the Legal Risk Management Certificate Program at the University of California, Irvine. 

Just what exactly are you paying your CPA to do?  Sure, CPAs are great for keeping the IRS off your back, but they can--and should--do more than that. A competent CPA can help raise the value of your company and be one of the best partners you can have. According to a recent poll, most businesses change their CPAs two or three times.  Are you one of them?  Learn all about what your CPA should be doing to help your business. (Hint: proactivity has a lot to do with it.) Scott Shields, founding partner of Shields, Blice & Company CPAs in Fairlawn, Ohio joins Jeff Allen for a discussion on this issue.

There are many reasons for declining values of small, privately held companies. On this edition of “Deal Talk,” we’ll talk with Russell Glazer, CPA and partner at Gettry Marcus in New York, about some of the most common ones, and why you should think twice before attempting any “quick fixes” to improve the value of your business. We’ll discuss smarter alternatives to those quick fixes, as well as how often you should have your business appraised, and the best approach to setting a value for your company.

Owners of small companies that do business internationally will be interested in this edition of “Deal Talk”. You’ll learn about some of the unique issues and considerations that global businesses may face in preparation for an M&A transaction.  In our changing world, we need to have a clear understanding of the industry and the economic forces at play across the entire globe.  Our guest, Walter Blijleven, CPA and co-owner of Curacao Financial Group, will explain how appraising global businesses has become more complex in recent times and what you can do to help simplify the process while at the same time building value in your company.


Deciding to pay off your equipment lease before selling your business is primarily a mathematical decision with one unknown variable, the multiple. In this podcast, we discuss how paying off equipment leases can increase the value of your business.


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