At Morgan & Westfield, we have one simple goal – to help you sell your business. We have taken a complicated process and made it simpler. Morgan & Westfield uses a proven process to sell your business. We do all of this at a low cost and without requiring a long-term contract.

We can help you with tasks such as putting together a package to present your business to buyers, advertising your business for sale, screening buyers, preparing an offer on your business, managing the due diligence process, and closing the transaction. Our proprietary process allows you to save a significant amount off standard brokerage fees.

The major advantage of working with Morgan & Westfield is that we modify our approach to suit your needs. Different strategies are needed to sell a restaurant with $500,000 in annual sales vs. a manufacturing company with $10 million in annual sales. The advantages of working with us are:

  • No contracts: At Morgan & Westfield, you don’t have to sign a contract. Most brokers require a long-term exclusive contract. That’s not true at Morgan & Westfield. You can sign up today and cancel tomorrow.
  • Low rates: Save money on broker fees. Most business brokers charge commissions of 10-12%. At Morgan & Westfield, our fees are significantly lower. View our pricing and case studies.
  • Simple process: We have taken a complicated process and made it simple.  A simple process executed well gets results. 
  • Bring your own buyers: No contracts are required, so you can bring your own buyers and save on commissions.
  • Help from experts: We specialize exclusively in selling businesses and have helped sell hundreds of businesses.
  • Professional resources: Get access to the same resources and methods that brokers use without the high fees and long-term contracts.

“I hired Morgan & Westfield to help me sell my business after reviewing many other alternatives. You offered me a variety of services, and I was able to pick and choose the services that I needed. I was very impressed in the way questions, concerns and phone conversations were promptly addressed with efficiency and in a timely manner. You definitely went beyond what you were obligated to provide. You not only marketed my business but also advised me through the process, handled all documents, and assisted me with the closing. You brought me buyers in this strained economy, and I received full asking price after only three months. I would without hesitation call upon your services again. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Judy M.